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Toper exhibits in Seattle

Toper exhibited at The SCAA Event 2014 in Seattle
We’ve exhibited at The 26th SCAA Event in Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, between April 24-27.

Warm appreciations to everyone who have visited our stand for their Toper friendship and great interest in our products.

  Galca Ltd. roasting with Toper roaster

Ukraine’s leading coffee producer Galca® preferred Toper
Ukrainian-English joint enterprise Galca Ltd., the home leader in high-quality coffee production, preferred Toper’s latest TKM-SX 180 Hot Air PLC roaster for the award winning quality of their coffee products.

  Optical Roaster Micro Site, Toper Optical Roaster

The new Optical Roaster and the new site
Toper’s brand new Optical Roaster is a self-seller mini coffee roaster for cafes, cafe chains or supermarkets. Click www.opticalroaster.com to meet the visual feast.

  Toper Malt Roaster, Toper Cocoa Roaster

Toper malt roaster, the good news for choosy maltsters
Toper re-designed the TIS series roasters to satisfy expert maltsters. Check the new malt roaster with precise time and temperature control with PLC and the revolutionary Adjustable Flame Height System.

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Order Toper products online securely
Now you can order Toper coffee roasters, coffee grinders, coffee machinery, equipment and spare parts online with 3D Secure online shopping security. Click here to contact our team to
order quickly and safely.

  Toper, TKM-SX 360. Industrial Roaster, Large Industrial Roaster

New TKM-SX 360 roasts up to 2.16 tons per hour
Gigantic industrial roaster is now roasting 360 kgs of coffee beans in 10 minutes. With very low noise and full PLC automation compatibility, the new industrial roaster is an ideal choice for large coffee processing plants. Click above image or here to see the giant in action.

  Cafemino Micro Site, Cafemino Special

New site for all the features of Cafemino..
Meet all the features of Cafemino on new Cafemino micro site including own branding or private label options for cafe chains or even single shops. www.cafemino.com is waiting for your click.

  Toper newsletter

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