In 1954, Toper’s journey began with the visionary Nurettin Karakundakoğlu in a modest 33m² workshop. 

Nurettin’s technical acumen ignited the creation of innovative machinery, revolutionizing production and elevating quality. Notably, his coffee roaster garnered widespread acclaim.

A pioneer in his era, Nurettin crafted Turkey’s first cracked wheat mill, showcasing foresight that became the hallmark of Toper’s legacy.

Supported by his wife, Mrs. Zekiye, Nurettin annually crafted around 300 machines in his compact workshop—many of which, astonishingly, are still operational after 60+ years.

The ethos of Toper is rooted in this enduring family solidarity.


As the 1970s unfolded, the second generation, enriched by technical education and hands-on production involvement, stepped forward. 

By the 1980s, the new generation delved into university and institutional research departments.

Toper’s global presence materialized in the 1990s when its products captured the attention of Libyans. 

The brand rapidly ventured into international markets, reaching Yugoslavia. By 1995, Toper’s technical prowess saw its products exported to Romania, USA, Canada, and Italy, setting a trajectory for continuous development and adherence to safety standards.

In 1997, a landmark collaboration with TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey) marked Toper’s commitment to innovation, successfully reducing roasting periods to 9 minutes. Subsequent partnerships with universities and research institutions fueled the development of cutting-edge licenses.


Today, the third generation, educated in mechanics, automation, international marketing, and business development, propels Toper to manufacture the world’s leading coffee processors.

Toper proudly stands among the Global Roasters Industry’s key brands, as recognized by various independent industrial and sectoral analysis reports of 2015.

What began as Mr. Nurettin’s light in 1954 now shines in 146 countries worldwide, a testament to Toper’s enduring commitment to excellence.