Vacuum coffee packing machine

The food products are packet by vacuuming and so their self lives are extended.

The reason of this is that the contact of the food product in the pack whith the air(oxygen) is prevented by vacuuming the air inside the pack.

The product being far from some chemical reactions caused by the oxygen will not deteriorate and will have an longer self life.

In some products, inert gas such as nitrogen gas is tried to be added to the package and the shelf life is extended, but the vacuum packaging method is more healthy.

In vacuum packed products, products can maintain their freshness for a long time.

Vacuum is a healthy and safe method of storing food in general.

The machines have a system that can completely remove the air inside the package. This guarantees that the food will remain intact throughout its shelflife.

In this context, we inform we would offer you, to our valued clients, our vacuum coffee packing machine added already to our product range.

Two packages of brick type of 250 — 500 gr. can be vacuumed and packed at the same time.