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Cafemino® Gas offers superior coffee roasting quality and industrial performance with various gas options with upmost safety. Coffee enthusiasts in Europe and USA were engaged Cafemino® for home use since 2010 for its 150 g/batch coffee roasting capability.

Cafe owners, micro-roasteries and retail chains, as well as quality labs of some major roasteries which prefer gas system with various fuel options use Cafemino® Gas mini coffee roaster. It offers coffee roasting capacity up to 6 kg/hour and continuous running up to 10 hours with top gas safety and fire prevention.

Cafemino® perfectly accomplishes every kind of sample coffee roasting for wholesale. Coffee’s sensory properties (smell, aroma, taste, etc.) will be perfecty discovered and consistent, right profiles are created with very small batches. Cafemino® is widely preferred by the leading coffee roasters of the world.

Standard features & equipment

  • Capable of roasting 150 - 1,000 g per batch
  • Roasting up to 6 kg/h
  • Slow / fast coffee roasting
  • Adjustable digital thermostat
  • Adjustable burner flame height
  • Hot air regulation valve
  • Green coffee chamber sight glass
  • Sampling spoon and sight glass for coffee roasting control
  • Special color temperature light for color testing
  • High performance cooling tray and fan system
  • Simultaneous coffee roasting and cooling
  • Seperate cyclone chaff collector (free)
  • Chaff collection drawer under the drum
  • Cropster compatible profile roasting option
  • Exclusive stand
  • Hard case shipping

Gas safety & fire prevention

  • Digitally controlled electronic ignition system
  • Gas flow failure system
  • Pilot control
  • Fire prevention system
  • UL certificated electric panel
  • Cafemino® with your brand identity

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