Malt and cocoa roasters

Malt roasting solutions

Toper malt roasters are designed to satisfy choosy expert maltsters with:

  • Precise control of time and temperature
  • Special batch design which ensures uniform roasting
  • Toper’s revolutionary Adjustable Flame Height System

Maltsters can roast from Belgian style biscuit malt to American style darkest Black malt.

Toper malt roasters can be equipped with optional PLC and water injection unit.

Roasting cocoa beans

The special batch design of Toper cocoa roasters make bean movements smoother during roasting.

Advanced PLC system of Toper cocoa roasters ensure continuous uniform roasting of cocoa beans.

Toper cocoa roasters are designed and engineered with Toper’s expertise on flavor and gentle roasting procedures to provide chocolate makers with ideal roasting solutions.

Standart features & equipment

  • Sampling spoon and sight glass
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling
  • High performance cooling tray and fan system
  • Cooling tray / mixer safety system
  • Heat indicator and digital control panel
  • Installation, start-up and user’s manual

Optional features & equipment

  • PLC roasting
  • Afterburner
  • Feeder (pneumatic or mechanical)
  • Automatic feeding and dumping
  • Destoner