Industrial blenders

Bulk blending with perfect homogeneity

Toper TMM series industrial ribbon blenders are ideal for mixing or blending all kinds of powdered or granular products with bulk amounts from 900 kgs to 3 tons/h

Toper ribbon blenders conform all major food safety standards, and are widely used with ease-of-use in all industrial processes, particularly in food industry for decades.


  • Easy operation
  • Optimum energy consumption
  • Reliable and durable structure
  • Extremely efficient blending
  • High homogeneity

TMM series industrial blenders are ideal for preparing:

  • Coffee blends
  • Tea and fruit tea / nectar blends
  • Dried vegetable blends and mixes
  • Mineral blends (salt, lime, borax, etc.)
  • Feed blends
  • Nutraceutical blends
  • Chemical blends (fertilizer, insecticides, colorants, resins, polymers, protein powder mixes, etc.)