Industrial coffee grinders

Industrial power for mass production

Toper industrial grinders are engineered and manufactured with high technology and superior quality components for high-grade grinding.

Daisy-chain compatibility provides unlimited capacity for mass production.


Toper industrial grinders produce grinds of all wheat and spices with high performance and are the choice of many famous food brands.

Their robustness make Toper industrial grinders a favorite tool, even for mineral grinding in the laboratories.

Two series for various applications

TKS - 36 series is ideal for industrial production.

TKS - 36 Lux series is developed for large sales points, outlets or stores requiring high capacity grinding. Hygienic silos of Lux series provide large amounts of coffee / food grind storage.


Toper industrial grinders are highly maintable and very easy-to-use.

Standart features & equipment

  • Ultra-high performance grinding
  • Premium particle quality
  • Precise particle size control
  • Two particle size options (fine & medium)
  • Easily maintable
  • Perfect food grinding
  • High-performance specimen grinding for laboratories