New Roll Mill

Exceptional features

IBO Series Toper Roll Mills meet the distinct requirements of capsule and ultrafine coffee producers by innovative features as:

  • Consistent particle size precision and uniformity
  • 24 hours non-stop operation
  • Grinding under 40°C at all times by special cooling system
  • Highest aroma and volatile oil preservation technology available
  • The only roll mill with sample spoon in the world
  • Ultrafine grinding of 50 - 125 um Turkish Coffee
  • High-tech, independently driven rolls manufactured with 50+ years of grinding experience
  • Soft particle edges for better & smooth drinking experience

Highest quality from the "Academy owner"

Toper’s global coffee roasting and grinding experience makes the company an innovation house for best possible coffee production quality.

Founding and running the only Coffee Academy with SCA Diploma System in Turkey, Africa and the Middle East, Toper closely follows the latest improvements on the market.

New Roll Mill is a part of this continuous innovation in quality and engineering especially (but not limited to) to capsule and ultrafine coffee producers.

Standart features & equipment

  • 24 hours continuous ultra high-performance grinding
  • Full particle size and uniformity control
  • Smooth, ultrafine grinding (50 - 150 um)
  • Espresso and filter coffee grinding
  • Best aroma and taste preservation available
  • Grinding temperature below 40° C
  • Independent drive and cooling for each roll
  • Computer controlled roll gaps
  • Sample spoon (first and the only in the world)

Coffee (kg/h)

Ultrafine (50 - 125 um)

240 - 470

Superfine (125 - 175 um)

470 - 700

Espresso (175 - 350 um)

700 - 1,400

Filter (350 - 500 um)

1,400 - 2,800