Shop coffee roasters

Maximum efficiency, advanced technologies

Based upon 20 years of experience and R&D, the world-famous traditional TKM-X shop roasters of Toper offer maximum coffee roasting quality and efficiency.

The TKM-SX roasters provide shop owners and baristas with advanced technologies, as well as higher capacity options.

Touch Panel - Full control at your fingertips

Toper is offering the Advanced Touch Panel option on the new shop roasters for the best repeatable coffee roasting quality in the easiest way.

The micro computer is providing full control of the 5 roasting steps with 21 recordable preset coffee roasting prescriptions.

TKM-X series traditional shop roasters have 3 alternative models with capacity options from 15 to 45 kgs/h. Equipped with digital control panel, TKM-SX series super coffee roasters have 5 alternative models with capacity options of 10 - 90 kgs/h.

Standart features & equipment

  • Sampling spoon and sight glass
  • Stand-alone chaff collector
  • Simultaneous coffee roasting and cooling
  • High performance cooling tray and fan system
  • Cooling tray / mixer safety system
  • Heat indicator and digital control panel
  • Installation, start-up and user’s manual

Optional features & equipment

  • Computer controlled coffee roasting (Cropster compatible)
  • Afterburner
  • Feeder (pneumatic or mechanical)
  • Automatic feeding and dumping
  • Destoner
  • Vivid Red
  • Forest Green
  • Brown
  • Black