Afterburner units for coffee roasting

Burning the unburned

Toper manufactures high-performance afterburner systems for reburning the unburned components, toxic gases, smoke, smell and dust particles before being discharged from the exhaust outlet of the coffee roaster.

Perfect emission control and environmental compliance

Toper afterburners provide exhaust air treatment in international EPA standards and fully comply with the environmental regulations of various countries worldwide.

Wide range of use

Afterburners developed by R&D department of Toper are successfuly used not onlyduring coffee roasting but also in nut roasters, bakeries, molding and dying kiers, document cremation furnaces etc.

Wide capacity options

Toper manufactures afterburners in different types, capacities and flow rates for all kinds of coffee and coffee extracts’ wholesale operations and manufacturing.

  • High-performance
  • EPA compliant
  • Compliance with Clean Air Act of various countries
  • Perfect emission control and reduction

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