Coffee fruit / berry

2019년 6월 24일 월요일

The fruit comes from the flower. It is 1,5 cm round in shape and green in color at the beginning. It turns to be red when it is ripe, and this red berry is used in coffee production. Coffee berries should be watched closely cause they begin to rot in 14 days.

There usually exist two green seeds (beans) in each cherry which are used in coffee production.

Some coffee plants contain single seeds, instead of the usual two, and these seeds (peaberry or pea-shaped) are rounder than the others. They are separately processed, and more expensive than double seeds.

The facing sides of the beans are flat and outer sides are roundish. There is a seed (embryo) in every bean, similar to the shape of the bean.

There is a deep groove on the flat side full with a hard endosperm. The outer layer of the endosperm is covered with a thin wall which is under a harder coat. If the coffee bean will be used as a seed later, it is not removed from the silverskin.

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