Due to 60+ years of quality-focused working, Toper has ranked within 8 key brands of global coffee roasting industry. We pursue and update our quality policy, an integral part of our corporate and brand culture, pursuant to the latest developments and innovations.

Toper quality policy

Principles of conformity

Our management and production processes always comply with all related local and global legal requirements
We manufacture complying with all relevant national and international standards
We’re oriented to follow latest innovations and standards for continuous customer satisfaction

Customer centricity

We globally follow up-to-date relevant innovations and provide our customers with the advantages of latest scientific and technological developments
We manufacture and deliver on time complying with latest relevant standards
We continuously improve our quality at an optimum price
We provide continuous and sustainable customer services with latest technologies and improvements

Team perspective

We consider health and safety of our team members very important and provide safe working environment complying all local and international safety rules and regulations
We provide and execute up-to-date training programs to improve competence

Quality system

We improve and update our quality management objectives and tools according to recent developments regularly
We support and train our team members personally to adopt our quality policy and objectives perfectly
We implement relevant quality programs in order to keep our brand’s presence and development sustainable
We hold the dominant competitive position in global markets due to our uncompromising quality management to manufacture superior products at an optimum price

Environmental focus

Our supply and production processes fully comply with all relevant domestic and global environmental rules and regulations

Productivity and R&D

  • We use all resources efficiently
  • We use best supply management tools available in order to deliver maximum performance
  • We make space for every oportunity of collaboration with universities and closely collaborate in relevant projects
  • We take our R&D focused approach as a primary corporate value
  • We provide funds and resources for R&D regularly