Coffee Roasting Machines

ማክሰኞ ፣26 ማርች 2019

A machine which roasts coffee at the desired color, aroma and taste is called the coffee roaster.

Coffee roasters are classified by:

1- Heat transfer method
2- Heating system
3- Heat source
4- Operating system

Heat transfer method

Heat transfer methods in coffee roasters are in three groups:

1- Drum roasters
2- Fluid bed roasters
3- Continuous roasters

Heating system

Two heating systems are used in coffee roasters:

1- Direct heating
2- Hot air circulation

Heat source

Four types of heat sources are used in coffee roasting machines:

1- Electricity
2- Natural gas
3- LPG
4- Solid fuel

Operating systems of coffee roasters

Coffee roasters are classified in three groups in regards with their operating systems:

1- Manually operated
2- Operated with roast profile
3- Full automatically operated

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