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Green coffee grading and SCA taste profile system

The quality of green coffee is evaluated according to SCA cupping evaluation score. 1

Cupping Score

Class 1 - Specialty Grade


Class 1 - Specialty Grade


Class 3 - Exchange Grade


Class 4 - Below Standard Gr.


Class 5 - Off Grade


Specialty coffee characteristics

The coffee scoring 80 or above on a 100- point scale is named "Specialty Grade Coffee" according to SCA criteria.

Specialty grade coffees are grown in spe- cial and ideal climate conditions, and have a distinguished taste profile due to not having any defects. The special taste of these coffees also come from their regional characteristics.

They are not produced in high volumes and do not reach to larger populations.

Specialty grade green coffee should be ro- asted and ground in such a proficient way that its aroma and other distinctive characteristics appear.

Moreover, roasted specialty grade coffee should be packed, brewed and served in the same proficient way.

Information on the package of Specialty Grade coffee

The package of green or roasted specialty grade coffee must contain all the information regarding the origin and processing method.

  • Roasting date
  • Country (Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, etc.)
  • State/Area/Region (Daterra, Yirgacheffe , etc.)
  • The farm (Finca De Licho, Santa Petrona, etc.)
  • Microlot (in the farm) number
  • Tree variety (Bourbon, Caturra. etc.)
  • Processing method (natural, washed, etc.)
  • Aromatic characteristics (lemon, cinnamon,etc.)

Differences between commercial and specialty grade coffees

Commercial coffee has a cupping score of 79 or below on a 100-point scale according to SCA evaluation. 1

They are produced in large amounts and mechanically picked, and are traded in a profit-oriented basis. They are inexpensive and sold to hotels, restaurants, markets and large populations.

Quality is not the primary criterion. Commercial coffee is produced in order to gain more market share and make profit out of the competitive market.

1. Specialty Coffee Association



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