Roasted coffee color analysis


spectrophotometer coffee color analysis toper academy

Either whole bean color or the ground color is measured for color analysis.

Several spectrophotometric or reflectometric devices can be used for color analysis of the roasted coffee.

The device sends a light beam to the sample, measures the reflected light's spectrum by its sensor, and displays the nm value of coffee's color range on the screen.

Recording the color code will help the future roastings to be at the same quality.

These devices are easy-to-use. They analyze the color of coffee as whole bean or ground. Speaking of analyzing the ground coffee, it should always be ground in the same grinder and fineness.

Coffee, whether whole bean or ground, is put on the device, the analysis is made with a single touch, and the color code is recorded.

The spectrophotometric devices may calculate the value in decimals depending on the capacity and analysis techniques. Even a thousand color codes between zero and hundred are displayed depending on the device type.