Industrial coffee beans silo systems

Infinite solutions for storage and conditioning

Toper manufactures top quality industrial storage systems for coffee production facilities’ storage and conditioning requirements.

Toper’s experience and expertise in coffee varieties of 4 continents, various climate and production conditions are the key factors for most suitable storage and conditioning of both green and roasted coffee beans.

Toper industrial silo systems are project oriented / tailor made and perfectly fit the facility’s physical medium, as well as industrial process with required capacity.

All Toper silos perfectly comply with most demanding food regulations of the world.

Toper silo sytems are fully compatible with minimum-staff workflow and high automation and process integration requirements.

Standart features

  • Tailor made design and engineering
  • 40+ years of world coffee expertise
  • Global food safety compliance
  • Green and roasted coffee beans storage solutions
  • Ideal conditioning systems
  • Highly compatible with automation and systems integration
  • Adaptable to pre-existing facilities
  • Infinite capacity and shape options
  • Open ended upgrading options for future expansion
Toper coffee shop color options
  • Vivid Red
  • Forest Green
  • Brown
  • Black
Toper coffee roaster optional colors

Wide range of optional colors are available in RAL and other color matching systems.