Toper was the official sponsor of Coffee Roasting Championship in İstanbul Küçük Park.

02 Ekim 2018 Salı

Coffee roasting contests are becoming increasingly popular in the World. All the coffee lovers know that the flavor we get from the coffee depends on the quality of the roast we make. We have been organizing the coffee roasting championship and choosing the best coffee roaster in Turkey since 2013.

Our contestant champion in Turkey represents our country at the World Coffee Roasting Championships. We adjust our standards according to the competition rules. Roasters are evaluating green beans on the first day. This is the first stage in the scoring system. They then complete their roasting in a way that they preferred, including single origin and blend.

Later these coffees are delivered to the international referees. As a result of the tasting, re-scoring is performed, and then the winner is announced. We are proud to be part of this organization as a Toper family.

We believe that we will increase our contribution to the world of coffee by raising our standards every year.

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