Istanbul Coffee Festival Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

28 Eylül 2018 Cuma

We are proud to be the sponsor of Istanbul Coffee Festival as Toper manufacturer of coffee roasting machines worldwide.

Istanbul, being one of the most important representatives of intercultural dialog, provides rich experience areas for its people in this context. Adding novelties to the experiences emerging from the city’s natural texture and richness, and developing those novelties with creative perspectives in order to enhance this texture are important steps for the creation of a new city culture.

ISTANBUL COFFEE FESTIVAL, which started its journey of Istanbul in the historical Galata Greek Primary School, continued the second year of its journey in Haydarpaşa Station and third and fourth year of its journey in KüçükÇiftlik Park. Of course it is not a coincidence for this journey to continue in locations bearing collective city memory and culture.

Istanbul Coffee Festival, which provides a new festival experience for the consumer by combining the specialty coffee and its life culture with the city’s texture, is very glad for being the creator and bearer of a culture which is enriching and developing with the participation of thousands of urbanites from day one.

ISTANBUL COFFEE FESTIVAL, developing each year by adding on the last year and moving its experience scope forward by embracing the coffee experience too, provides its participants a culture space in which specialty coffee touches life practices.

Istanbul Coffee Festival creates a uniting experience area by including the process of coffee from its source until it reaches to the consumer, and the people who are coming together at the end of coffee’s journey to this presence and journey.

Istanbul Coffee Festival, which puts quality-and-experience-oriented communication to its main focus of all approaches, is preparing to celebrate its 5th anniversary with its strength gained from the professionals and creators of coffee industry and all of the consumers who are supporting the continuation of coffee culture.

Istanbul Coffee Festival is waiting for all of the coffee-lovers to KüçükÇiftlik Park in 20-21-22-23rd of September in this brand-new year that it will honor coffee which brings life to a whole industry and which reaches a uniting power at the end of its journey in life.

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