• Toper malt roaster
  • Toper malt roaster
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Malt and Cocoa Roaster
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TIS Series
Premium roasting solutions for malts and cocoa beans

Malt Roasting

TIS series roasters are designed to satisfy the expert maltsters with precise control of time and temperature in addition to special batch design, which ensures uniform roasting.

Maltsters can roast from Belgian style biscuit malt to American style darkest Black malt.

TIS roasters can be equipped with optional PLC and Toper’s revolutionary Adjustable Flame Height System.

Optional water injection unit can be installed upon maltsters’ choice.


Cocoa Beans Roasting

The special batch design of TIS series roasters make bean movements smoother during roasting.

The advanced PLC system of TIS roasters ensure continuous uniform roasting of cocoa beans.

Designed and developed by Toper’s expertise on flavor and gentle roasting procedures, TIS series offers ideal solutions for chocolate makers.

Models > TIS-40 TIS-120
40 kgs
88 lbs
120 kgs
265 lbs
86 x 181 x 180 cm
34 x 71 x 71 in
120 x 220 x 1,200 cm
47 x 87 x 472 in
Weight 485 kgs
1,069 lbs
1,500 kgs
3,307 lbs
Voltage 220 - 230 - 380 V
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Malt Roaster