New Touch Panel for shop roasters

Control with your fingertips

Toper’s shop roasters with Touch Panel System make the whole roasting process so simple and repeatable.

System is designed as a time saver and quality assurance manager for baristas and roastmasters at coffee shops and micro roasteries.

Personal roasting profiles / prescriptions are easily prepared, memorized and recalled from the system with simple touches.

Once the profiles were set up, any simply trained staff member can roast prescribed coffee beans’ varieties precisely with the same quality at all times with a simple training.

During manual sample roasting, system detects and learns the roasting style, records and repeats it forever.

This system is compatible with Cropster®.

Feature Details
Automatic feeding control Optional
Bean temperature control Yes
Roasting temperature control Yes
Ambient temperature control Yes
Roasting time control Yes
Cooling control Yes
Automatic dumping control Optional
Drum feeding during cooling Yes
Nr. of basic process setups 100
Nr. of profile / prescription setups 12
Monitoring via internet Yes
Preset program support Yes
User-defined program support Unlimited
off-site technical support 24/7 unlimited support